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There isn’t just one type of road, or one type of road rider. That’s why we carry model from Trek, Scott, & Cervelo so we can suit your style at your price point.

Plus, every bike we sell includes our Ride Membership, which includes a free baseline fit, a lifetime of free basic tune ups, & a 30-day test ride to ensure your next bike is the perfect match.


Madone is speed incarnate—it combines everything we know about going fast into one swift superbike.

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Émonda is super light, incredibly balanced, and just aero enough to make it our fastest-ever climbing bike.


Domane’s road-smoothing tech help you ride with more speed and comfort on every ride.

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Checkpoint is a seriously versatile gravel bike for adventurous riders who want to do it all.


Caledonia is a new bike for big, stupid rides. You could call it an “all-road” or “endurance” bike, but when it comes right down to it, the Caledonia is the bike we keep reaching for when we know the odometer’s going well past the triple-digit mark.


The R-Series is a high-performance all-rounder, ready for everything from the Tuesday night world champs to an epic weekend ride. Light, stiff, and designed for confidence-boosting handling, it’s a bike you can trust.


The S-Series makes every part of your ride better: the final sprint on your Saturday morning group ride, the long climb, and a solo effort on the edge of town. 


These legendary bikes have long reigned the triathlon and time trial circuits, repeatedly setting the benchmark for revolutionary performance. You will feel the difference from your first pedal stroke. Simply put, they make you go faster.


When climbing roads that make you want to quit, having a lightweight bike with you is a sure fire way to keep the motivation high. Keep pushing, you're almost there.

See Addict RC


Can you be too Aerodynamic? We don't think so, and neither do our Aero focused bikes. From TT's to local Crits, these bikes WILL make you faster.


If you enjoy long days in the saddle and coming home after the street lights come on, then our Endurance bikes are for you. Comfortable, efficient, and dynamic, these bikes eat miles for breakfast.


Our Gravel and CX bikes just love a rugged ride. Up old logging roads, or on Europe's toughest CX tracks, know that you've got the right tool for the job.