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Balance Bikes

Trek Girl's Kickster
$149.99 $164.99 9% Off
Trek's Kickster gets the next generation learning their balance early, and way faster than with training wheels. The low saddle lets little legs reach the ground and zoom along. A built-in steering limiter prevents them from turning too sharply, increasing confidence. A foot rest lets them try balancing as they get better. And the lightweight aluminum frame sports a height-adjustable post and handlebar so the Kickster can grow with your little superstar.
Trek Kickster
Key features - Steering limiter prevents kids from turning too sharply - Foot rest allows kids to try balancing as they get going - Contact points are dialed to fit kids right from the start - Trek quality = safety and fun
Scott Contessa Walker
The Scott Contessa Walker is a great bike for developing balance before kids are able to pedal. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum, making it easier to get going and learn balance without extra weight. Grippy rubber tires offer great traction and soak up small bumps for a cushy ride. The Walker's real ball-bearing headset makes steering smooth, and a saddle with grip handle on the back lets you give a helping hand when needed. Start her off right and watch her grow into a lifelong cyclist.
Scott Roxter Walker
The Scott Roxter Walker is a great bike for developing balance before kids are able to pedal. Its got a sturdy alloy frame and steel fork decked out in cute rockets. Footplates allow for some coasting and a bell adds to the fun!
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